Happy New Year?

That’s a hard one for me to hear.

It’s just another year without my son. Another new year without his hugs and kisses, without hearing his laughter, without being the recipient of his funny pranks.

Another year not making plans or looking forward to adventures with Dominic.


it’s a new year for creating new memories in his name, helping others who also know this grief and making sure he will NEVER be forgotten.

In order to honor him and other vicitms, I created a Angel Garden here in Arkansas.

For every mom and dad, brother or sister of a Angel, I write the name of their loved one on a rock and place it in the Angel Garden.

In my heart i imagine all those angels meeting here for a little R&R, share their stories and brag about us, who are left here on earth to continue their legacy. Once they got a little rest, they are soaring high to continue to be our guardian angels .

This New Year will be another year of making sure Dominic will never be forgotten and I will continue to be his voice.

May God bless you and help you find your reason to make this year the best for you.


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A insane and wrong verdict …..

It took me this long to get myself together to write what and how I feel about this travesty of a verdict.

The NOT GUILTY verdict brought me to my knees and I cried…..cried my heart out….but not only for Kate and her family, but for every victim of illegal alien crime and for every American who will become just that.

This clearly showed that illegals have more rights than any American who would have been sentenced to the full extent of the law. The sanctuary state of California shows all of us that we legal immigrants and Americans don’t matter all that much and are just collateral damage.

The killer of Dominic got away with murder as well and served only 35 days. The murderer of my friends daughter Sarah, got to bail out and disappeared. And there are so many more preventable tragedies caused by illegals where the killer got away with a slap on the wrist. It would take me weeks to tell each story..never ending, because every day around 15 people get killed by illegals and no one hears about it.

Please realize that any American citizen or legal Immigrants would not have received this kind of leniency, had they committed any of those crimes. We are held to another standard even though we have the right to be here.

We need to stand up and get loud about what we want for our for us, our kids and families and future generations.

Don’t just sit back and hope this will get better. Get active and make calls to your representatives, let them know you are awake and won’t tolerate this any longer.

Don’t wait to know my grief and 24/7 pain and grief……

We owe illegals NOTHING……we owe Americans EVERYTHING

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Never going to stop…..

….. sharing my late sons story

….. fighting illegal alien invasion

….. speaking my mind

….. reaching out to those who know my grief

….. calling out those who want to do us harm

….. being true to who I am/became because of this tragedy

THANK YOU for the prayers and many kind messages that lift me and help me continue this fight so you don’t have to

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The fight never ends…..

No matter how many times I got to Washington DC,  no matter how many times I share Dominic’s story and no matter how many times I get the blank look, turned away or shut down, I will NEVER STOP.

We can’t sit by as our country is being invaded, taken over and changed. You owe your family and future generations the best that life has to offer.

I will never know what it would be like to hold a grandchild, or walk my son down the isle to marry his best friend. I will never be able to be the recipient of his great pranks or hear his infectious laughter. No more huge and tight Domhugs or kisses on top of my head. No more memeories created and no future with him in it.

Please stand up for your family and help to stop this insanity of amnesty and sanctuary cites / states .

I never though I could make a difference and I was proven wrong.


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Arkansas …. peace and quiet, but the fight continues

Now that I am a little settled in, getting used to the humidity, quietness, laid  back and very friendly people, I gained strength to continue my fight against illegal immigration. 

Not too long ago I was invited to be a guest at the unveiling of VOICE, the office our President created for victims of illegal alien crime. It’s great that people like me have a place to call and get help. 

7 of us victims families also created and launched our own Organisation called AVIAC – advocates for victims of illegal alien crime and we are working on being there for new victims and anyone that needs someone who knows their pain and grief.   And to top ot all off,  I was invited by our President to join him with other victims, at a round table discussion at the White House.

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions with many more highs than lows, but the pain doesn’t get any less and the grief never stops.

I am now called an advocate/ activist  and the voice of Dominic. 

I am blessed to be surrounded by incredible supportive people and that I conquered my fear of public speaking. 

I travel and get to come home to a wonderful sweetheart of a man who has been by my side through all of this.

And yet, I would rather live under a bridge pennyless and have my Dominic enjoy his life. 

Hug the ones close to you, stand up for your fellow Americans and help to make this country better for all of your kids and the next generations 

Huge domhugs 💚

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Missing half of my heart

Now that I moved out of California to a quiet and calm place in Arkansas, it seems my aching soul gets a little break. 

My heart still and will always hurt, but I have less of the triggers that would bring me to my knees.

I also know that our President will make sure Americans will be safer and maybe less have to feel this kind of pain. 

I am very proud that I was a huge part of the Trump movement and got to share Dominic’s story with millions of people.

A new journey started for me, sadly without my sweet boy, but he guides me and surrounds me with his huge domhugs.

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Flying with my very own angel

Since Dominic’s death I haven’t been on a small aircraft like he used to fly. It carried too much pain and I just wanted to remember the many amazing and fun flights he took me on. Just the thought of going to the little airport in Riverside made me tear up.

But when I found out one of Dominic’s best friends Chris was so inspired by Dominic and got his pilots license, I couldn’t and wouldn’t say no to him.

I didn’t want to say ‘ no thanks’. I sucked up my fear of driving  to that very airport my sweet son learned how to fly. The very same place where Dominic took me for a flight 5 minutes after he received his pilots license. The place of many hours of watching him do his thing, watching him with pride as he worked on a plane or just hanging out with the people there.

So many beautiful memories that I now cherish so much and will never forget.

The tears flowed freely as I walked into the airport and in Dominic’s footsteps. I could hear his laughter and see his smile as I walked past the buildings and towards the planes. My knees almost buckled, but as I was holding on to his old headphones, I started feeling his arms around me and whispering: enjoy this mom, fly and feel me up there with you.

Chris did an outstanding  job and I had a blast. Sadly the weather wasn’t all that good and we couldn’t fly as long as we had planned, but we will go again and enjoy this one more time.

A bittersweet morning. A flight that lifted me up towards the clouds and seeing the world from Dominic’s perspective one more time.

Spread your angel wings sweet son of mine. Soar and keep watch over us

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Still pinching myself 

….for being a part of history now and that the world now heard my sweet Dominic’s story and knows his name.

Thank you Donald J. Trump, friend, hero, life saver and future President of the USA for inviting me and giving my son and thousand of other victims a voice.

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